Home Inspections

Have a professional house inspector inspect the property you are considering buying prior to removing subjects on the Contract

Some of Key Areas of the Dwelling to Inspect (this is just a partial list)

  1. The Roof and gutters of the dwelling. The age, condition and leaks. The type of insulation in the attic and the existing ventilation that is there. The presence of Mould.
  2. The plumbing throughout including the type of plumbing pipes.
  3.  The furnace and hot water tank. Age, condition and leaks.
  4. Bathrooms for the presence of moisture behind bathtub or shower walls. Also under all sinks.
  5. Exterior windows. Check to see if any have lost their seals.
  6. Exterior drain tiles around the dwelling.
  7. Any presence of moisture in crawl spaces and in ceilings and under the bathroom areas.
  8. The existence of any underground oil tanks.
  9. Any changes in the electrical system. Check all the electrical outlets.
  10. The presence of any water leaks in the ceilings.
  11. Any cracks in the foundation of the dwelling.
  12. Additions to the dwelling. Check for permits.

All items on this list are subject to change without notice.

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